C.A.R.Score Reports reflect only potential issues that are easily observed by Dealer Specialties personnel without the use of any aid. Dealer Specialties personnel examine only the interior and exterior appearance of the vehicle, do not inspect any portion of the vehicle's mechanical features or systems, and do not otherwise conduct any research regarding the vehicle’s history. A C.A.R.Score Report's omission of a particular issue (e.g., an odor) is not a warranty that such issue does not exist or that an event that may cause such an issue (e.g., smoking, water damage) has not occurred. You understand that the C.A.R.Score Reports are not a substitute for a comprehensive inspection of a vehicle by a licensed professional. THE C.A.R.SCORE REPORTS ARE PROVIDED ON AN “AS IS” BASIS. DEALER SPECIALTIES DOES NOT MAKE ANY REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY, EXPRESS, ORAL, IMPLIED OR STATUTORY, WITH RESPECT TO ANY C.A.R.SCORE REPORT, AND DEALER SPECIALTIES HEREBY SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES, EXPRESS AND IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THE C.A.R.SCORE REPORTS.