What is a C.A.R.Score Report?

A consumer automotive report, referred to as a C.A.R.Score Report, becomes essential when evaluating the condition of a used vehicle.

C.A.R.Score takes the standard industry report on the market today one step further by assessing the exterior and interior condition of the vehicle. This includes, but not limited to: instrument and control panels, mirrors, upholstery, even right down to the smell of the vehicle.

C.A.R.Score is designed to change the way people buy cars by providing a completely painless and transparent car buying experience online.

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See what dealers have to say about C.A.R.Score

See what dealers have to say about C.A.R.Score

See what consumers have to say about C.A.R.Score

See what consumers have to say about C.A.R.Score


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Studies show that prospective buyers are making their car buying decisions online, often before they step foot on the dealer's lot. Providing consumers with a high-quality tool such as C.A.R.Score and data to support their research is key in capturing their interest and converting site visitors to leads.

  • Command more attention from online shoppers
  • Drive more leads to your clients
  • Increase website engagement
  • Differentiate your vehicle listings among other website providers
  • Build trust and credibility

Partnering with C.A.R.Score means getting all of these benefits for you and your dealer clients.

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Types of Partnerships


  • Added value to your VDPs from increased website engagement.
  • Additional traffic to your website by leveraging C.A.R.Score's trusted platform and consumer following.
  • Increased chance of converting web visitors to leads and in-store transactions.
  • A lightweight script to place on your website that is designed to get you up and running quickly.

We are actively seeking syndication and strategic partners and can't wait to work with you. If you're interested in partnering with us, email DSPMarketing@drivedominion.com to get started.


Third Party lead generators are eager to work with C.A.R.Score because of the increased likelihood of converting quality leads to sales transactions. C.A.R.Score can create a custom partnership strategic in nature so that no listing goes unnoticed.

C.A.R.Score SRP Badge

SRP Badge indicates that a vehicle has an available C.A.R.Score report — with dynamic star rating.

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VDP Badges open the C.A.R.Score report while viewing the vehicle — never leaving the page so you don't miss a lead.

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